I loved how I knew I could trust you with doing my senior pictures and knowing I would love them. You know what you are talking about with poses and where to take good pictures. I didn’t dislike anything because I loved everything about my pictures. I loved looking at my senior pictures and liking every single one of them. My favorite part about my experience was getting to go different places and having different outfits and you made me feel good about myself for a few hours. Someone should choose you because they will instantly fall in love with their pictures and they will have so many they like
— Kaileigh, Senior 2015
Well for starters, I loved my experience! You and your help were so easy going and did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable! I don’t think I would change a thing about my experience. My hair was great and I had an amazing time!
— Anna, Senior 2016
I really couldn’t ask for a better experience. One of the things I was nervous about with senior pictures was having to find good spots to take pictures, but you knew tons of great places and figured me out very well so they all matched me. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like because I loved every minute of it. My pictures turned out so amazing I had a terrible time just picking out a few to print. They weren’t over edited like I’ve noticed with other photographers. You find the natural beauty and just make it shine. My favorite part was getting to jump in the freezing cold water with my dog and getting some amazing pictures of us in the field.
— Cassidy, Senior 2015
I enjoyed that you gave me ideas of how to pose and stuff but also let me do my own ideas—the very few I had. :) and I liked how you did my make up. You didn’t cake it on but it still enhanced certain features. I absolutely loved how you did my hair. Overall it was a fun time and experience!
— Megan, Senior 2016