Ashley Cain

Dreamer. Photographer. Adventurer. Mother.

Not only do I enjoy taking photographs, I enjoy the entire experience around them!  Meeting new people, getting to know you and then helping build the perfect session to tell your story!  It's all so much fun and overwhelms me with happiness.

All my photographs are taken in natural light and usually in the evening making for dreamy, rich, creamy light and photographs.  I love rich color and natural poses while playing in an outdoor setting!



I have a mad sense for adventure and crave it in everything I do.  I love to be different and love to shoot in special and unique locations especially if they have significance to you.  So if you have ideas for cool new places to take photos, please share!  It's what I live for. Literally.

I hope you'll take a minute to check out my portfolio and get an idea for my style.  If you're interested in a session with me, want to ask me more about my photography and experiences or just want to say hey, please contact me!


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